Honors Program

The Honors Program offers qualified and motivated students a variety of academically challenging and imaginative experiences, experiences uncommon for the traditional undergraduate. Our program examines ideas and contemporary controversies through an interdisciplinary or experiential approach.

The faculty and students are committed to:

  • Developing and enhancing written and oral expression, critical thinking, and the imagination
  • Engaging in discussion based classes in personalized settings
  • Participating in challenging research projects, study abroad, experiential learning, and community service
  • Engaging in advanced special topics in a seminar format
  • Providing a competitive advantage for graduates entering the job market
  • Perceiving the relationships among the sciences, humanities, and technological studies
  • Acquiring the skills necessary for lifelong learning
  • Promoting an interest in issues and questions worthy of discussion in a free and democratic society

Admission to the program

Students may enter the program as freshmen or later in their college careers.

For more details, contact Steve Malloris, the coordinator of the program, at 260.422.5561 ext. 2221 or smmalloris@indianatech.edu.