Institutional Review Board

The purpose of an institutional review board is to foster the ethical treatment of human research participants.

Indiana Tech affirms its commitment to protecting the rights and welfare of human subjects consistent with its institutional mission, values, and operational imperatives. Indiana Tech’s mission is to provide learners a professional education; preparing them for active participation, career advancement, and leadership in the global 21st century society; and motivates them toward a life of significance and worth. Its core values include respect–treating all stakeholders fairly and equitably and integrity–behaving consistently with mission and core values. Among its operational imperatives, Indiana Tech is striving for academic excellence and continuous improvement in all programs and emphasizing ethics and integrity in all that we do. Indiana Tech’s institutional research board is one way that the university balances the ethical treatment of human participants in the pursuit of knowledge.

The primary functions of Tech’s institutional review board are:

  1. to educate the university community about institutional and federal standards for the ethical treatment of human research participants and
  2. to approve potential research and review ongoing research to ensure compliance with ethical standards and practices for protecting the rights and welfare of human participants in research.

IRB review is required whenever an investigator who is affiliated with the institution conducts research with human subjects including the use of survey and interview procedures, the observation of public behavior, or the study of existing data, documents, records, and specimens.

Indiana Tech students conducting research that involve human subjects must go through the same process as faculty members or other Indiana Tech employees to secure IRB approval for their research. However, a student cannot be the principal investigator. That role belongs to their faculty advisor or another faculty member. Proof of recognized research ethics and compliance training is required at the time of application.

All approvals to use human subjects in research must be obtained before beginning the research. Retroactive approval from IRB will not be granted. Questions about your IRB proposal should be sent to