Colleges, Schools and Centers

Indiana Tech’s five colleges, schools, and centers feature highly regarded degree programs that prepare students for active participation, career advancement, and leadership in the global 21st century society, and motivate them toward lives of significance and worth.

Our College of Business immerses students in modern business practices and equips them with the skills necessary to forge successful careers in the global marketplace.

Our College of Engineering provides a career-focused, hands-on educational experience that inspires students to find new and better ways to address the challenges of the 21st century.

In our School of Computer Sciences, students master the fundamental system and programming skills needed to design and develop tomorrow’s technology solutions.

Innovative learning experiences within our College of Arts and Sciences instill critical, intellectual and creative skills that help graduates adapt to an ever-changing world.

Our Center for Criminal Justice engages students in a problem-solving approach to learning that prepares them well for an increasingly complex, diversified and technical field.