21st Century Eligibility Requirement

The following requirements must be met in addition to those listed on our state aid programs page in order to qualify for the 21st Century Scholars grant from the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (CHE).

  • Demonstrate financial need as determined by your FAFSA.
  • Be an Indiana resident by December 31 the year prior to applying (for instance, December 31, 2017 for the 2018-19 academic year)
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • Must have us listed as your first school on your FAFSA.
  • To receive the maximum award amounts, meet credit hour completion requirement outlined below:
    • First year: 30 credits completed
    • Second year: 60 credits completed
    • Third year: 90 credits completed
  • If you do not meet the credit completion requirements, you may still qualify for a lesser amount of the Freedom of Choice grant depending on your need-based eligibility. You must have the following number of credits completed in order to qualify:
    • First year: 24 credits
    • Second year: 48 credits
    • Third year: 72 credits