Safety Measures

Indiana Tech takes the safety of our students and campus community very seriously. To help keep everyone safe, the following measures have been implemented.

Smoke Detectors

All residence halls have smoke detectors installed and are connected to a Fire Alarm Control Panel. There are smoke detectors in each student room as well as the common areas. The panels are all monitored by an alarm monitoring company which immediately reports alarms to the Fort Wayne Fire Department.

Sprinkler Systems

All residence halls have sprinkler systems installed and are connected to the Fire Alarm Control Panel. The panels are all monitored by an alarm monitoring company which immediately reports alarms to the Fort Wayne Fire Department.

Fire Drills

The buildings and grounds department in conjunction with student services conducts four fire drills (evacuations) from each residence hall during the academic year. The university requires complete evacuation of buildings during a fire alarm. Individuals who ignore fire alarms and required evacuation may face disciplinary action. Since false alarms may lower the evacuation response from students, the university will analyze the causes of false alarms and work to reduce their occurrence. By reducing the number of false alarms, we hope to maintain students’ diligence in responding.

Operation Identification

This nationally organized program encourages engraving personal identification numbers on valuable property. Thieves tend to shy away from property with engraved numbers due to the difficulty of selling it on the open market. If an item is stolen and later recovered, the identification number will assist law enforcement agents in returning it to its rightful owner.

Emergency Blue Light Phones

These two-way call stations are located strategically around campus. They allow individuals in need of assistance to speak directly to a member of security. The officer will dispatch the appropriate emergency response team to the caller.

Campus Escort Program

If you must travel alone, the department of security provides a safe, reliable escort service. Contact security at ext. 2230 or 260.399.2805, and they will escort you to any facility on campus or your personal vehicle upon request.

Security Surveys

These surveys are conducted on a routine basis with members of the university community. The primary goal of these surveys is to identify areas of the campus that may present vulnerabilities to one’s safety. Security works with the buildings and grounds department to address concerns.

Harassing Phone Calls

If you receive a series of harassing or annoying phone calls, notify security at ext. 2230 or 260.399.2805. Report the date and time of the calls, and they will try to determine the source of the calls. If you receive this type of call in a voice mail message please archive the call, and contact the department of security.