Credit Transfer Policy

Credit Transfer Guidelines

  • Up to 12 doctoral credits or up to 9 master’s level credits (or up to a combined total of 12 doctoral and master’s level credits) from a regionally accredited graduate school may be transferred toward the Ph.D. in Global Leadership Program.
  • Course credit must be fewer than seven years old to be considered for transfer.
  • The minimum grade of B (3.0) or equivalency will be considered for transfer credit.
  • Students may not transfer courses graded on a nonstandard basis (e.g., pass/no pass, credit/no credit, satisfactory/unsatisfactory) to their graduate certificate or degree programs unless it can be verified from the registrar of the prior university that the grade is equivalent to a B (3.0) or better.
  • Previous coursework will be evaluated by the program director based on applicability to Ph.D. degree requirements, including course descriptions, outcomes, and global elements.

Procedure for Requesting Transfer Credit

Requests for transfer credit should be directed in writing to the Ph.D. program.

  1. Complete a Credit Transfer Request Form. Please only list courses that your past program will endorse for use in a graduate program of study. Do not submit undergraduate courses for consideration even if your prior university allowed them to be used to meet degree requirements.
  2. Provide official course descriptions for each course submitted for transfer.
  3. Provide official transcripts.

Official transcripts (for all courses to be transferred from other institutions) must be on file in the Ph.D. in Global Leadership offices before transfer credits will be considered.

When requesting transcripts from another institution, please ask that they be sent directly to the following address:

Indiana Tech
ATTN: Ph.D. Program
1600 E. Washington Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46803