Pano with Bubbles

Electrical Machines/Transformers and Control Lab


This lab is equipped with various types of state-of-the-art, computer-interfaced AC and DC motors, and single- and three-phase transformers. Using a servo drive and braking system, it is possible to easily simulate the performance of various motors (e.g., fans, pumps, compressors, flywheels) under different industrial loads.


Programable Logic Controllers Lab (PLC)


This lab is equipped with three Amatrol trainers, which are composed of an Allen-Bradley AB5300 L16 processor, a fault insertion system, and a PanelView Plus compact HMI panel. The trainer has the distinct feature of mimicking practical industrial temperature control application, variable speed drive application, reversing contactor application and stepper motor control application.

LabVIEW and Data Acquisition (DAQ) Lab


This lab is equipped with 10 LabVIEW licenses on 10 different computers, in addition to six LabJack U3-LV DAQ systems. This lab will provide students hands-on-experience in using industry-standard software that is used in 35,000 companies around the world.

PCB Rapid Prototyping Lab with LPKF Circuit Board Milling Machine

Equipped with an S103 LPKF Laser & Electronics benchtop prototyping system, this lab gives students experience in designing electronic circuits and creating printed circuit board (PCB) schematics.

PCB Rapid Prototyping Machine