Web/Print Imagery

Web and print imagery runs at various times during the year to promote the traditional undergraduate and College of Professional Studies programs as well as create a general awareness of the university.

By the Numbers (2016)

College of Professional Studies

Social media ads

Instagram post of an adult student. Caption: One hundred percent committed to personal attention. Enroll now at indianatech.edu/CPS

Twitter ad with an adult student outside. Caption: Zero extra dollars for books and shipping.

Facebook ad with adult student studying on a couch. Caption: Zero hidden fees and costs. Just five minutes to complete an application. Access online courses 24 hours a day.

Web Ads


Vertical Web Ad, Caption: 5 minutes to complete an aplication Vertical Web Ad, Caption: 1 class per week

Horizontal Web App, Caption: 0 Hidden Fees and Costs

Horizontal Web Ad, Caption: 24 hours a day you can access online courses

Horizontal Web Ad, Caption 1 admissions rep works with you from start to finish.

Traditional Undergraduate

Social Media Ads

Facebook ad, caption 134 endowed scholarships available. Zero increases in your tuition with our Usave guarantee. One hundred percent not-for-profit.

Instagram ad, Caption: Three year accelerated programs help you earn a degree faster. Learn more at indianatech.edu.

Twitter Ad, Caption: Zero classes taught by teaching assistants.

Web Ads

Vertical Web Ad, Caption: 134 endowed scholarships available Vertical web ad, Caption: 17 to 1 Student-Faculty Ratio

Horizontal web ad, Caption: 17 to 1 Student-Faculty Ratio

Horizontal web ad, caption: 0 increases in your tuition with our Usave guarantee

Horizontal web ad, caption: 3-Year accelerated programs to help earn a degree faster

Embrace the Unexpected (2015)

College of Professional Studies

Static display web ads for the College of Professional Studies.

Embrace the Unexpected: Registration
Embrace the Unexpected: Take Classes to Close Home


Embrace the Unexpected: Graduation Registration


Traditional Undergraduate

Static display web ads for the traditional undergraduate program.

Expect the Unexpected Graphic Ad (Day)
Expect the Unexpected: Exactly What You Need Graphic Ad (Day)


Expect the Unexpected: Take Classes Close to Home Graphic Ad (Day)

Various (2013)

All print ads below are from 2013.

You Don't Have Time
You're Too Old
You Can't Go Further
Fort Wayne Monthly Ad (2013)