Project Requests

The marketing team is here to help with all of your marketing and communication needs, and we welcome a challenge. All you have to do is ask. Staff and faculty can always contact our team directly to discuss potential projects. However, to ensure that your project gets entered into our official workflow, please use the ST@T system to create requests.

Submitting a marketing ST@T ticket

You may be familiar with using the ST@T help desk to address your information technology needs. The marketing team also uses the ST@T system to track projects, and you can use it to submit requests for photography, videography, print piece design, news releases, website changes, and any other marketing needs.

  1. Open a ST@T ticket: Visit http://stat/versaCAT/, and you’ll see a list of your currently open tickets for marketing, IT, and facilities. To open a new ticket, click the icon that looks like a telephone. In the field that says “Problem,” give your request a name. Something descriptive yet simple is best, for example, Engineering Camp Brochure rather than just Brochure or Strauss Lecture News Release rather than just Guest Speaker.
  2. Choose your issue type: Your choices include advertising, event marketing, marketing other, news release, printed material, promo item, web-content (for revisions to information on the Indiana Tech website), or web-technical (for functional issue such as broken links).
  3. Choose your priority: The ST@T desk assigns a due date according to the priority you select. Normal priority tickets are given a due date about a month after the date the request is submitted. However, the marketing team can assign a specific due date based on your needs after we receive the ST@T ticket.
  4. Describe your request: Include as much information as possible in the “Details” area. This may include:
    • deadlines
    • dates, times and locations for events
    • information on how a project will be used (mailed vs. handed out vs. posted on bulletin boards)
    • quantity of items that need to be ordered
    • dimensions for a print ad
    • links to web pages
  5. Attach any relevant files: Click the paperclip icon to attach items such as Word documents of text; photos; Excel spreadsheets; or PDFs of prior versions of the project. If providing photos, please follow our photo guidelines.  Also, please note that we cannot accept Publisher files; they should be saved and uploaded as PDFs. If you cannot save them as PDFs, the Publisher files can be emailed to Julie Farison at
  6. Submit your ST@T ticket: Click “Send” to submit your ST@T request. You will receive a confirmation email with the ST@T ticket number. 

If you have any questions about the ST@T process or the status of your request, contact Julie Farison at