Printing & Copying

Indiana Tech has implemented a print accounting system for all students at the university in order to provide printing and copying services for academic purposes. Each year, around July 1, an initial credit is provided for these services, and it allows a significant number of pages printed. Whether printing from a computer or making copies at a copier, available funds are to track the amount remaining for the academic year.


  • Initial credit of $100 provided around July 1 or immediately when a student starts classes.
  • Initial credit provides 1,000 pages double-sided on a standard black and white printer or copier.


  • Black and white printing on standard printers or copiers: 10 cents per page
  • Color printing on printers or copiers: 25 cents per page
  • 50 percent discount for duplex printing or copying


  • Upon login on an Indiana Tech computer, remaining balance is provided.
  • Print cost and remaining balance is given each time something is sent to be printed.


  • Copiers available to students are equipped with card swipes for students, faculty, and staff to swipe and release printouts and gain access to copy functions.
  • Student copying at Indiana Tech is available at the following locations:
    • McMillen Library (color copying available)
    • West Campus Library (black-and-white copiers available on all three floors, color copying available on first floor)
    • Zollner Engineering Center
    • Pyramids Academic Resource Center
    • Plainfield Academic Resource Center

Personal Computer & Mobile Printing

IT Services offers students, faculty, and staff the ability to print from personal computers and Apple iOS devices on the Fort Wayne campus without having access to a computer lab or office. Publicly available copiers at select locations are available for this service. All printed documents will be held on the copier/printer until released by either swiping your Indiana Tech ID card or typing in your username and password. In addition, please note that student print quotas will continue to be enforced and monitored with this new service.

In order to print from your personal device, please review Indiana-Tech-Personal-Device-Printing.

Additional Support

Visit our Help Desk if you’re having any additional problems with your account.