Below are some questions IT gets asked quite often. Don’t worry if you don’t see your question listed.  You can call us at 260.399.2858 or 1-800-937-2448  ext. 2369 with questions and someone will be happy to assist you.

Are there any Macs in computer labs at Indiana Tech?

Yes. There is a Mac lab in the Zollner Engineering Center, Room 108D.
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Are there any computer requirements for new students?

Any computer that has been purchased within the past two years should be sufficient for a student at Indiana Tech. For those majors that use intense graphics such as engineering, you may want to consider a more recent purchase with better graphics processing capabilities.

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Can I connect to wireless on-campus?

Yes. All Indiana Tech locations have wireless access readily available. For those who are residential students on the Fort Wayne campus, we have good wireless coverage in the residence halls, buildings, and a good portion of the outdoor spaces as well. One thing to keep in mind is that you are sharing the network with more than a thousand other individuals on campus, so it may not be as fast as your connection at home with only a handful of people connected.

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Which wireless network do I use?

Fort Wayne Wireless

  • Faculty/Staff
    • Connect to the WarriorFS network
    • Use your network username and password to connect
  • Students
    • Connect to the WarriorGuest network and register yourself from an internet browser
    • An Access Key will be emailed and/or sent via text
    • Connect to the WarriorConnect network using the Access Key mentioned above
    • You may use the access for multiple network connect devices on the WarriorConnect network

Remote Location – Students

  • Connect your system to the network or connect to indianatechopen wireless network
  • If the registration page does not come up, go to
  • Register your computer with your student login information

Registration will only be required once or twice a year depending on changes to the network.
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Is there a wireless network or guests visiting campus?

Yes. Visiting guests on campus should:

  1. Connect to the “WarriorGuest” wireless network, open an internet browser on the mobile device or computer, and register for access to the network.
  2. Upon completing the above registration, an Access Key will be emailed and/or texted based on the registration entries.
  3. Once you receive the Access Key, connect your device to the “WarriorConnect” network and use the Access Key for your password.
  4. Once connected to the “WarriorConnect” network, you have access to the Indiana Tech network  resources and the internet.

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How do I connect my gaming console?

Students can register their own gaming consoles themselves and more easily. Please use your access key to connect devices via wireless.

If connecting via the wired network, please go to:


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Does Indiana Tech sell computers to students?

No. Indiana Tech does not sell computers. There are many retailers and mail order companies that have an excellent product available for purchase. We have seen computers from HP, Dell, Toshiba, and Sony on campus just to name a few.

If you’re interested in a Dell computer, the company does offer discounts to our students, faculty and staff.

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Why can’t I login?

This could be a result of several issues. You may want to consider the Self-Help section related to account issues to see whether that provides any assistance.  For those enrolled in Indiana Tech’s Self Service Password Management service, ‘Let Me In’, please click here to work through lock-outs, password changes, etc.

If that does not solve the problem, please contact the Help Desk for further direction.

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Why do I have to register my device on the network?

On the residential campus in Fort Wayne, devices with regular access to the network are required to be registered on the network. This registration maps a specific individual on our network to a specific device to support network security, stability, and federal law.

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Will my gaming console work on campus?

Yes. Once the gaming device is registered on the network, it will be permitted to access online functions.

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Can I forward my student email?

Yes. Your student email address can be forwarded to another address.  To do so, please reference the Office 365 Outlook Web App Help.  Please keep in mind that Indiana Tech considers your student email address as the official means of electronic communication.  If you forward your email, you are taking responsibility for that forwarding and Indiana Tech will continue to send to only your student email address.

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Can I connect my iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or Android device to my student email?

Yes. Your student email account can be set up on many devices. To find the instructions for you particular device, please reference the Email setup for iPhone, iPad or iPod help.  For Android devices please reference the Android email setup instructions.

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What software do I need while on campus?

Although your specific degree program may have additional requirements, the basic software you need would be Microsoft Office and an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome).  Microsoft office, through Office 365, is freely available for download from .  Login to Office 365, click the ‘?’ in the top right corner and search for install software.  Follow the search result to install the most recent version of Microsoft Office on your computer.

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What does “enroll my account” mean?

When you initially sign up for classes at the university, an email will be sent to your personal email account on record at Indiana Tech with a username and initial password/passphrase.  This same email will encourage you to enroll in “Let Me In” at and change your initial password.

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I’m a student and forgot my password. What can I do?

Let Me In is Indiana Tech’s self-service password management application which allows one retrieve forgotten passwords, unlock your account, and even change passwords.  Be sure to enroll your account at in order to have these services available.

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How many pages can I print per year?

Each student is provided $100 of printing quota every year. If printing black and white on both sides of the page, you should be able to print 1,000 pages per year.

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What is LetMeIn?

Indiana Tech ’s new password management system,, provides a convenient means for those enrolled in the service to manage their Indiana Tech network credentials.

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