International Services encourages multiculturalism and diversity through programming for international and studying abroad students. Services include advising, counseling, and advocating for F visa holders on various topics, such as immigration, cross-cultural awareness, and personal matters. International Services staff assists graduate and undergraduate students to take advantage of the opportunity to live and learn in a new country and culture with study abroad. This will then result in students raising their cultural awareness and becoming an involved global citizen of today’s international society. We promote the importance in achieving global competency throughout Indiana Tech and Fort Wayne communities. International Services is committed to providing assistance and opportunities to enrolled students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation or national origin.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Immigration Reporting (SEVIS)
  • Immigration Advising
  • International Programming and Events
  • Study Abroad
  • Cultural Competency Training
  • Interdepartmental Advocacy on behalf on International Students