Visitation of guests is permitted throughout the week and a host must accompany a visitor at all times. Actions of a visitor are the responsibility of the host. Visitors are expected to have a photo ID card and to make it available to residence hall staff members or security upon request. Failure to comply with this request will result in the guest being asked to leave campus.

Under this policy, there are two classifications of visitors. A general visitor is the most common and is short-term. This type is permitted to visit a residence hall student for 5 hours duration once within a 24-hour timeframe.

The second type of visitor is the overnight visitor. Students wishing to have an overnight guest must obtain an overnight visitor request form from the housing director, security, or a resident assistant. The form must be completed, obtaining permission from all parties residing in the suite, before approval will be given. This form should be completed in advance of the visitor’s arrival in most cases. The maximum length permissible for an overnight stay is three days during a single week and no more than two visitors overnight.

Cohabitation is strictly prohibited. This is defined as having a visitor of the opposite sex staying overnight or longer in your room through a disregard for the visitation policy.

A visitor will not be issued keys or a host’s ID card. Responsibility for entering will be that of the student host. No student is allowed to be in possession of a key that will gain access to a wing, room, or residence hall other than his/her own. Violators may be subject to a fine of up to $75 and additional disciplinary sanctions.

Visitation logs and overnight visitor request forms are not considered confidential and a school official may release this information upon request from parents, staff, police, etc.