Damage & Vandalism

All damage should be reported to the floor resident assistant or security immediately. Quick response to a situation may avoid possible safety hazards and additional damage charges. Breakage and damage charges are assessed against the resident(s) responsible in a room or common area where damage has been found. Charges may be levied for damage to the outside of windows or doors as well. Damage to the common areas for which accountability cannot be determined will be assessed to students living in that area or building. This may include lobby areas as well as stairwells, hallways, and laundry areas.

Accidental damage caused by a student will be treated as such provided that they report the damage at the time of the occurrence. Failure to report accidental damage will be treated as vandalism and will result in a fine of $100 plus all repair costs and potential further disciplinary action.

Residents may not remove or rearrange any fixed furnishings within the room or the common area. The resident will be charged for reinstallation of any fixed furnishings that are moved including toilet seats, window screens, handrails, etc. In some cases such as the removal of window screens, a fine of $50 will be assessed to the responsible parties.

All alterations to student rooms contemplated by residents must have written approval from the housing director prior to alteration. Failure to do so may result in appropriate charges and/or disciplinary action. Painting the walls, creating lofts, use of thumbtacks, use of nails or screws, and the use of damaging or difficult to remove adhesives are not permitted. Furniture items may not be disassembled with the exception of un-bunking or adjusting the height of the beds. All room furnishings must remain in the suite in which they originated.