Residence Hall Costs

Each residence hall has a slightly different style and includes different features and amenities. As such, each facility has a different cost associated with that location.

Single rooms are typically not available during the fall semester due to occupancy levels except where bedrooms are designed for single occupancy such as Yergens-Rogers Hall and the townhouses. Double occupancy is based on two or three residents assigned to the same area depending on the room layout. If a single is available, there is an additional fee for such an assignment, and we encourage students to call to find out the financial obligations.

Rates & Fees

Pierson Hall (double) – meal plan required*$3,106$6,212
Pierson Hall (single) – meal plan required*$4,664$9,328
Yergens-Rogers Hall (single) –meal plan is optional$4,459$8,918
Summit Hall (single) – meal plan required*$4,000$8,000
Evans/Oropeza Halls (double) – meal plan required*$3,700$7,401
Evans/Oropeza Halls (single) – meal plan required*$5,550$11,101
Warrior Row A & B (double) – meal plan is optional$4,013$8,026
Warrior Row A & B  (single) – meal plan is optional$4,459$8,918
Kalbfleisch Hall (double) – meal plan required*$3,106$6,212
Kalbfleisch Hall (single) – meal plan required*$4,664$9,328
*indicates full meal plan required for Freshmen students
Full Meal Plan$2,020$4,040
Any 10$1,235$2,470
Any 5$635$1,270
50 Meal block$400$800
100 Meal block$785$1,570

For an updated chart of current residence hall costs and other fees, please visit the tuition and fees page on our financial aid website.