Annual Fund

The annual fund of Indiana Tech is the foundation of giving. This fund bridges the gap between what the university earns in tuition and fees on a yearly basis and what we need to fund the annual operating budget. You may not have realized that tuition and fees alone do not cover the expenses of daily operation of our campuses and locations. Your gifts to the annual fund help support the basics of operating our university — which includes books, labs, technology, faculty and financial aid.

Annual support from alumni, faculty and staff, students, parents and friends is vital to Indiana Tech’s continued success. The generosity of our annual fund donors has a direct impact on the growth and success of our students. Donations made during the year will be used within that fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). That means your dollars go to work immediately.

How to Give

You can make an outright gift (one-time donation) or, if you’re an employee of Indiana Tech, can choose payroll deduction which allows you to have the amount you choose to have deducted from your paycheck a total of 24 times from January – December.

Make an Outright Gift Payroll Deduction

Indiana Tech is a private, non-profit institution of higher education. Donations are tax-deductible per IRS regulations. Residents of Indiana may be able to take advantage of a state tax credit as well.