Leadership Track

Session | 20/20 Leadership Vision: Seeing Clearly, Speaking Clearly and Sharing a Vision People Will Follow

Presenter: Lucas Tindell – Vice President of Engagement & Leadership Development, Providence Healthcare Management

This session is based on the words of the awe inspiring Helen Keller who said, “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision”. We will take this idea and highlight the power and importance of having a clear vision for oneself and their organization. When individuals with influence see clearly and articulate their vision effectively, businesses grow, goals are realized, and lives are changed. Those that attend this session will gain the information and inspiration necessary to change their lives and the lives of those they impact both personally and professionally.

Session | To be Announced

Presenter: Marlon Wardlow – Vice President of Performance Improvement, Parkview Health

Session | Leading with Others in Mind

Presenter: Dr. Kate Watland – Dean of College of Business, Indiana Tech

Leadership remains one of the most studied, yet most elusive practices in organization, crossing all industries, sectors and circumstances. Join us for an interactive discussion during which we will compare common themes of servant leadership, situational leadership and facilitative leadership where we explore and share ideas, techniques and opportunities to engage and maximize our contributions across our organizations. It is with a focus on others that we encourage them to shine.

Engagement Track

Session | Leadership First Aid

Presenter: Dr. Alice Jordan-Miles – Director, Behavioral Health, Purdue University Fort Wayne

As of late, leadership has taken on a new meaning. Besides leading by example, leaders must show that they value and respect mental health. By setting an example, leaders have the ability and the power of ending mental health stigmas in the workplace and beyond. The healthier the workplace, the more productive employees are. As a result, employees are more likely to want to stay and build their careers. Changing the reputation of the workplace environment to one that cares and actively supports mental health has immeasurable positive consequences to the bottom line.

Session | Catalytic Leadership: How to Foster Team Engagement Through Intentional Communication

Presenter: Anthony Juliano – Vice President & General Manager, Asher Agency

There’s no question that engaged teams are the byproduct of intentional leadership. But what must leaders do, specifically, to foster engagement in today’s chaotic, distracted communication environment? Leadership trainer and communication expert Anthony Juliano will provide you with a blueprint for standing out as a leader and transforming your team. You’ll learn how to inspire trust—even during challenging conversations—and how to leverage that trust into strong relationships and performance improvement.

Action Track

Session | Get Off the Fence

Presenter: Andrew Hoffman – Executive Director, NeighborLink

The quickest way to earn trust, learn a new skill or get where you’re trying to go personally is to raise your hand, take responsibility and take action. You are the only one responsible for your personal, spiritual or professional development, and the only way you grow in any of those is to act, whether you have a plan or not. It may sound overly simplistic, but the fence we’re sitting on when facing an action-oriented decision is a hard one to get off of, especially if it means going alone or going to a place where the fear of the unknown exists. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the past 11 years is that community transformation begins with each of us embracing what we know to be true and having our actions speak that truth.

Session | Stepping into Leadership

Presenter: Sharon Tucker – Council Member, Allen County City Council

Becoming a leader takes courage. Courage requires action. Action requires strength. This session will provide you with tools to help the leader within you.

Session | You Are Creative. Really!

Presenter: Merry Ewing – Vice President & General Manager, WPTA-TV

Most of us hear the word creative and we think of out favorite actor, band or artist. The next thought is, “I’m not creative!” To the contrary all of us are creative, but in different ways. Effective dynamic organizations need many styles of creativity to grow and flourish. Let’s talk about different styles of creativity and how to encourage creativity in the workplace. Even accountants and engineers need a degree of creativity in their work! Let’s have some fun and get creative!

Diversity Track

Session | Working Across the Generations: Boomers, Xers, Millenials, and Zers!

Presenter: Dr. Gina Forrest – Executive Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Butler University

In this workshop, we will address the different styles of communication and working trends among the generations.

Session | Inclusive Leadership 101: What’s in the Mindset Matters!

Presenter: Lisa D. Givan – Associate Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, Indiana Tech

Everyone leads, whether you have the title or not! Through interactive dialogue, this session will allow participants to see how our mindset influences our perspective. You will join the facilitator in a brief immersion experience and see how our unconscious biases affect the inclusive practices of our organizations. If our goal is to recruit to retain, as well as cultivate a sense of belonging for all, then we must incorporate diversity and inclusion in “the mix.” Together, we will leverage core inclusive leadership behaviors of EACH (Empowerment, Accountability, Courage and Humility).

Session | Redefining Diversity and Unpacking Privilege

Presenter: Daniel Juday – CEO, Daniel Juday, LLC

There’s a lot of noise in our world today—a lot of voices from a lot of directions, telling us who to listen to, what to think and how to act. We’re going to try to cut through some of that noise. In this session, we’ll work to disrupt any misinformation about diversity, inclusion and privilege. We’ll talk about what these words actually mean and what they don’t, and we’ll work together to find out what they mean to us. You can expect to have an opportunity to align your thinking around these terms in productive ways, and to connect these ideas to how you do your job every day, and who you do it with.