Admissions Checklist

Indiana Tech understands the challenges of attending college as an adult learner. With this in mind, we have made the admissions process as convenient as possible.

Undergraduate admissions requirements

Graduate admissions requirements

Specific program requirements

Each graduate program has specific prerequisites. If you do not possess the prerequisites for your chosen degree program, you may be able to obtain the credits online through a program called IVY Software. Any questions will be answered by your personal admissions representative.

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

MBA students must have completed the following course work with a grade of C or better:

  • ACC 1010: Accounting Principles
  • BA 2010: Principles of Management
  • BA 2500: Principles of Marketing
  • FIN 3600: Corporate

Master of Science in Management

M.S. in Management students must have completed BA 2010 Principles of Management with a grade of C or better.

Master of Science in Engineering Management

M.S. in Engineering students must have obtained an accredited bachelor of science in a technical field and one undergraduate course in accounting and one undergraduate course in finance.

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

M.S. in Organizational Leadership students must have a minimum of three years of work experience with an increasing level of supervisory experience and must submit a current resume.