All Indiana Tech parking lots are designated as either residential (R) or commuter (C). Visitors to our campus are asked to park in a visitors section which is located in various commuter (C) lots. If your car does not have a campus parking tag, or the correct one for the lot you park in, your car will be ticketed.

If you have made arrangements with our office to visit campus (e.g. campus tour), we will reserve a parking spot for you outside our building with your name on it. You will be asked to park there.  If you arrive and there is not a space with your name on it, please feel free to park anywhere around Tech West in a lot marked with a (C).  In your confirmation email, there is a link to a parking pass.

Details about where to park for admissions events will be sent to you by our office prior to the event you plan to attend.

Parking after 4:00 p.m. in C lots is does not require a parking permit.

We strongly encourage you to download our campus map before you make plans to visit if you’re not already familiar with our campus. This will help you identify parking lots, and also show you where we and other buildings are located.